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For IT professionals

Explore your value and take the lead in your career.

We are a reversed hiring platform focused on IT professionals. Search for new job possibilities by staying anonymous. Create a profile, and let companies approach you while remaining anonymous.

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Helping IT professionals get their dream job

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Securely exploring

Communicate your expectations openly while staying anonymous on our platform, designed to bring the best out of your career.

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Set the standards for companies and let them apply to you. Find your ultimate dream job with less effort and time.

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Hiring you for
who you are

Staying anonymous lets companies focus on your skills and preferences instead of your looks, gender and other irrelevant characteristics.

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No borders
for your talent

Receive offers not limited by country borders. Just land your profile so that you get tailored offers matching your needs.

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Find your IT job whilestaying anonymous

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Easily sign up with your e-mail address in only 3 minutes. We’ll only share your information if you decide to. This way, you can search for new job opportunities anonymously. You’re in charge of your own personal details. Feels good, right?

Add your skills

Expand your profile by filling in your skills and preferences, such as your salary indication. By adding your specifications, you increase the chance of a good match. Time for your dream job to find you!

Receive job offers

Companies will view your profile and approach you via the Qandidates chat. When this happens, you can see the company’s profile and have a conversation to see if there’s a match. You decide when you share your personal details, such as your name. Both enthusiastic? Close the deal!

What our users think

Hugo D.

" I just made an account to see if it works and I received some nice offers in a short amount of time that fit my needs."

Front-End developer

Fred M.

" I've been looking for a new job for a while and was scared to put my LinkedIn profile on 'open for a new job'. Here I was totally anonymous! "

Software Engineer

Otto B.

" I feel more comfortable now to find a new job anonymously. Before I was afraid my employer would find out."

Back-End developer

Flora G.

" Instead of applying to vacancies I just wait till I receive an offer that match my needs."

React developer

Noa U.

" In the past I received job offers that don’t even match my skills. Now every recruiter can exactly see for what position they can reach out to me."

Full stack developer
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Frequently asked questions

Why do IT professionals use Qandidates?

Applying for vacancies can be time-consuming, without knowing if companies can fulfill your preferences like salary. By using Qandidates, you create a profile once. Based on that, companies reach out to you instead of the other way around. So, no more e-mails and endless motivation letters!

When can I expect a job offer?

Creating your profile only takes 3 minutes. Done? Great! You’re ready to receive job offers. It depends on the company’s needs when they reach out to you. The more information you share on your profile, the bigger the chances.

To what extent am I anonymous?

That’s completely up to you! You stay anonymous until you share your personal details with the company’s recruiter. Qandidates is a facilitating platform. Found a match? Then it’s up to you and the company to close the deal.

Does the company have a profile as well?

Yes! A recruiter creates a profile on which they add information about the company. This enables you to learn more about your potential new employer as well.

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